Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Soar high, fly high!

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If you want to soar in life, you must first love to FLY (First Love Yourself)! – Mark Sterling

Success and wish to progress is a delightful subject to ponder on… because there are no precise answers.  There is no perfect formula or factor to deliver the intended situation of success… it is situational application of certain factors.  Timing should be right!  An attempt is made below to reflect on factors that will help people fly high!!

Self-esteem (unconditional self love) is an important foundation attribute to achieve personal success.  Self-esteem makes a person confident (fearless), and he is able to manage circumstances and people effectively.  This ability to communicate without fear is a key trait for success.  In various management situations, one has to manage people with complete absence of fear.  Confidence is infectious, when a person is confident - he gives confidence to his people, and this establishes leadership.  Instilling confidence in others is not possible by inconfident leaders.  Hence, confident behavior springing out of self-esteem is vital for success and progress.

Focus is the next requirement for a successful life.  Focus is the reaction by a person to the acceptance of a purpose.  For example, when a field salesperson, is given a sales target, he is first given confidence by his leaders.  This makes the field salesperson accept the sales target wholeheartedly.  This target becomes the purpose.  The next obvious step is that the field salesperson starts focusing on the sales target.   Concentration or focus is the absence of distraction.

It is not the intelligent of the species that survives; it is the most adaptable of the species that survives!! – Charles Darwin.  Adaptability means learning new ways and adjusting to the situation.  This learning attitude creates survival and progress.  Learning means gaining new theoretical and practical knowledge, and new skill sets.  Learning helps add value and improve things for the better.

Practice makes a man perfect!  Being talented, skilled and knowledgeable alone are not sufficient qualities.  One has to have the inner drive to overcome inertia and look to apply the skill sets continuously.  Only then will proficiency levels increase.  Regular practice makes a person proficient, and proficiency helps make a person successful in his career.

Getting people co-operation!  Team play is the order of the day.  Most things are achieved by teams.  Hence, the ability of people to work in co-ordinated manner has greater value in today’s world.  Team working requires mutual trust, understanding, patience, co-operative spirit and knowledge sharing.  Team leaders need to inspire these elements and make team mates work enthusiastically towards the preset goals.  It is impossible for an individual or organization to soar high without good team working.  Hence, in the contemporary world of business, team play and team leadership are important requirements.

Perseverance is a de rigueur quality for contemporary success.  A customer has more choices today, than he can imagine.  To get customer engagement one has to persevere to a greater extent.  There has to be a systemic engagement strategy.  This involves team working.  A salesperson has to follow-up with fellow team members, colleagues and customer to ensure a sale and customer delight.  Perseverance and patience are key traits to succeed and fly high.

“Thoughts lead on to purposes; purposes go forth in action; actions form habits; habits decide character; and character fixes our destiny.” – Tryon Edwards

Change comes from our thinking.  Our thoughts are at the root of change process.  As we think, so we become!  If we constantly think of the purpose or mission, our actions will follow through.  Becoming one with the mission is key to success.  Dedication to the mission will help, in all preparation activities, and will result in hard working.  A mission dedicated person, will never shirk responsibility, passing the buck will never occur to him.  A problem solving attitude will come naturally to such an individual.  In modern resurgent India, the youth brigade has humongous opportunity, to build interesting careers.  However, to soar high, an open mind is required, change is the new order.  

End quote:

“Don't allow the fear of falling stop you from pursuing your dream. Prepare. Practice. Pray. Jump! It's through the fall that you'll realize you can also fly.”
― Yvonne Pierre


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