Sunday, January 2, 2011

My scientific poster at 62nd IPC, Manipal

Pharmacists in India are treated to an annual feast of pharmaceutical science, lectures, technology, and envisioning process, thanks to the concept of IPC (Indian Pharmaceutical Congress). This year, IPC was at Manipal, Karnataka.

IPC @ Manipal has warm memories for me. During the 42nd IPC, Manipal, I had not only won the second prize in the National Elocution Contest, I had also presented a paper on management. (In fact, I have represented Karnataka during my Final B Pharm, 1st Year M Pharma and 2nd Year M Pharma ie for 3 years, in the National Elocution Contest @ IPC and won the second prize twice!).

This year too, I was eager to do my 'bit' - remotely or in situ, since the IPC was at Manipal (in our own state of Karnataka, and that too at a place where I have very warm memories of IPC. Morever, our family roots are in Udupi district (Durga village, Karkala Taluk). So Manipal which is at Udupi dist., has an emotional bond with me too!!).

Accordingly, I registered as a delegate of the 62nd IPC, Manipal where I incidentally got the first registration no., and I submitted a scientific poster (seen atop). The poster was on BRAND FORTIFICATION STRATEGIES used in Pharmaceutical Marketing. The idea was to bring out the techniques used to strengthen brands in pharma marketing, since today, brands are very important assets (recollect that Piramal Healthcare sold 350 brands and just 1 manufacturing plant at Baddi for a whopping Rs. 17000 crores - to Abbott.).

Some philosophy

It is vital that pharma professionals participate wherever possible in such knowledge exchange events, either through attendance, presentations, posters, talks etc simply because knowledge exchange leads to furtherance of knowledge and strengthens the environment of pharmaceuticals.

The philosophy is that we are all fundamentally, 'children of the environment'. If the environment is rich in resources - systems - knowledge, fostering creativity, and providing impetus for individual achievements, then each person stands to benefit. Many ask, why is it that Indians succeed in America? Whereas in India, the Indian will be mediocre. The main reason is the environment - the opportunities and inputs that the American environment provides, creates successful Indians. Hence, it is in the best interests of all people that we endeavor to create an 'enabling environment'.

Since every drop counts to make an ocean, I put in my bit through registration as a delegate and a scientific poster.

The 62nd IPC @ Manipal, Karnataka was a stupendous success in terms of methodical glitch-free organization and excellent facilities. CONGRATS TO THE ORGANIZERS OF THE 62ND IPC,Manipal.

Research involves collection of data, analyzing the same (quantitatively like using statistical methods, and qualitatively), doing some experiments (testing hypothesis or seeing for repeatability). Research in fact, is not an 'ivory tower' type of activity. The practice of research methods is possible for one and all. Surely a research oriented work culture is about being scientific and inventive. Research is not something abstract. Research and development or innovation can be a part and parcel of every professional's life.



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