Sunday, August 10, 2008

CHANGE - the greatest motivator


How to motivate a person or a group of people towards a goal? This is a constant challenge for a manager (a person designated to manage people and other resources to achieve organizational objectives), or - a politician, a leader, an entrepreneur, a teacher, and just about anybody else in society. And the answer lies in a simple word – CHANGE. In fact, this word is the platform on which Barack Obama has centred his entire electoral campaign, truly, Barack has hit the nail on the head. CHANGE is in fact the greatest motivator.

When a pharmaceutical sales manager ponders on his communication to put across new targets to his team, when a politician crafts his electoral strategy, and when an entrepreneur puts together a business plan – all are working to create a CHANGE. If you can sell the proposed CHANGE as a hope or as a benefit to the target audience, the CHANGE will motivate the target group to work to create the change. When an entrepreneur crafts a taut business plan and successfully convinces that the plan will work to produce the required CHANGE, it will motivate his financiers to put the money in line with his talk. This was Dhirubhai Ambani's success mantra too. Dhirubhai convinced financiers and potential shareholders that his business plans will produce an attractive change - products will be created that will rake in profits to increase shareholder value and produce juicy dividend yields. Dhirubhai Ambani won through the change he was confident of producing. ABILITY TO CREATE CHANGE, MANAGE CHANGE, AND BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IS WHAT CREATES SUCCESS.

Late Mr. Nagaraja Rao Jagdale (of Jagdale Ind. Ltd., Bangalore; believed in the change that electrolyte energy drink concept in tetra pak can produce - this created success for him. Bhai Mohan Singh believed taking over Ranbaxy from Gurbax Singh and Ranjit Singh was a positive change, John Mack passionately believes that his online activities like pharma marketing network will contribute to positive change in pharmaceutical marketing, Mr. M Manal founder of The Himalaya Drug Company was dedicated to changing healthcare through marketing of Ayurvedic products, Swami Ramdev (of Patanjali Yog Peeth, Hardwar) believes that Yoga and Pranayama can bring about certain positive changes in healthcare and the belief, the conviction, and the logic in a certain CHANGE has motivated these individuals and their target audience in a certain direction of action. It was Mr. Narayan Murthy's confidence that IT will produce a change in society and that there was a good business opportunity - this motivated him to found Infosys. When Bill Gates was studying, he realized software will create profound changes in society and he dedicated himself to this change. The result for Bill Gates has been astonishing - he has become the world's richest person. Mrs. Kiran Majumdar believed that enzymes and biotech can produce a significant change and the change can help create a successful business enterprise for her - the result is, she is one of the richest women in India. VERILY, CHANGE IS THE TRUTH AND THE GREATEST MOTIVATOR.

Dettol: unparalleled brand, unchallenged change

Dettol is an unusual brand. Dettol is the unchallenged leader brand in India in the area of disinfection or the antiseptic product category. This is unusual for a healthcare brand in India. Normally, in India, leader brands will spawn numerous me-too brands and create a fragmented market. After all the product DETTOL is not complex. It is simple and plain chloroxylenol - an antiseptic. But the brand building activity is legendary. After achieving good penetration with antiseptic Dettol liquid in the Indian market, Dettol has played on its product theme SHIELD OF PROTECTION and extended it to various sister categories like antiseptic healthcare soaps, antiseptic handwash, shaving cream .... In fact, the banner of Dettol is extending itself to HYGIENE. The most attractive aspect of Dettol market is that it is an OTX (a combination of over-the-counter and prescription) market - with a heavy focus on OTC (over-the-counter). The Dettol market is one with a long life - perhaps Dettol will be there as long as there will be humans! There is no stopping the growth of Dettol - one will not be surprised if Dettol launches new line extensions for kids, veterinary use, and other related fields of antiseptic use! DETTOL has a very interesting web site to engage prospects and customers in UK, it is a very effective approach of online marketing CLICK HERE. All the quizzes, activities for kids, and information campaigns on infections like avian influenza are very engaging and they subtly promote the goodness of antiseptic Dettol in hygiene and infection management. IT IS TRULY UNUSUAL TO OBSERVE THAT IN INDIA WHERE ALMOST 30% OF THE PHARMA MARKET IS FOR ANTIBIOTICS, THIS MEANS INFECTION MANAGEMENT IS BIG BUSINESS, AND UNUSUALLY IN INDIA, DETTOL IS HAVING AN EASY RUN WITHOUT THE USUAL AVALANCHE OF ME-TOO BRANDS BITING IN TO THE MARKETSHARE OF DETTOL. Perhaps, with pharma and healthcare marketers (particularly consumer healthcare divisions like Mankind's new consumer healthcare division) in India looking for products with a long life in a growing market, will see the antiseptic Dettol market as attractive and will eventually challenge the collossal presence of Dettol in this market. What makes Dettol a very aggressive brand is not only the line extensions but also the wide range of packs to suit both small consumers, home consumers, and also the large volume consumers like hospitals.

Regarding the Rs. 1000 crore Dettol brand - here is an interesting net reference:

Dettol is the leader in the antiseptic market with 85 per cent market share. Liquid hand wash created a new market and lords over 60 per cent of the market in the category, while the various Dettol soaps account for 18 per cent of the health soap division . Reckitt Benickiser the MNC is the owner of the mega Dettol brand.

CONCLUSION: believe in change and experience success

It is important to identify the correct change, work on it, and success will ride on the change.

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