Monday, December 24, 2007

Chronicle Pharmabiz: shaping the destiny of Indian Pharmaceutical sector

Chronicle Pharmabiz is an important mirror of the Indian Pharmaceutical sector. This news weekly has just brought out a special issue on the occasion of the 59th Indian Pharmaceutical Congress, Varanasi. Chronicle Pharmabiz has also published some of my articles too, in the past, which you can access by clicking HERE. MY LATEST ARTICLE ENTITLED MARKETING (PERCEIVED) VALUE HAS BEEN PUBLISHED IN CHRONICLE PHARMABIZ SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT DATED 13.12.2007 AND CAN BE ACCESSED BY clicking here.

Excerpts from the article entitled Marketing (perceived) value:

"Pharma marketing is now experiencing tectonic shifts in value delivery processes with transformational developments in marketing and communication media. The vehicles of message transfer are transforming the way by which word-of-mouth (between doctors and between patients) occurs. Hence, the way marketing influences perceived value and consumption of products is also changing radically.

In marketing, the perceived value of a product or brand by the target audience is vital. A successful pharma product obviously has a high rating of perceived value by the prescriber, patient and retailer. Perception of value comes when the product is presented with sophistication and performs to the expectation. When value perception is negatively affected, the product becomes a whimper. It is essential to create a buzz to enhance value perception. Positive word-of-mouth enhances value perception".

The information age

We are now in the information age. Tools and systems that help create information from data; organizations that provide insights, ideas, and value through distilling, and analyzing information are in great demand. This is simply because in today’s wired world there is a collapse of the information float. Disruptive forces act faster on business systems. In this age, one can, at real time, share, and collaborate on the information superhighway to create value, and thereby enhance organizational effectiveness and efficiency. Successful organizations today focus on creating value from information through ideas, and insights. This helps organizations compete better.

Media and communication are keys to organizational and individual success

Media (including social media like blogs) plays an all important role in shaping destinies of communities, industries, and individuals. One such medium in the Indian Pharma scene - is CHRONICLE PHARMABIZ. The launch of Chronicle Pharmabiz was an important event in the Indian Pharmaceutical scene as the magazine was focused to serve unrepresented portions of the Indian Pharma sector. Chronicle Pharmabiz addresses a market gap – it functions as a bridge between the Pharma industry, regulators, research, and educational institutions.

Today, the Chronicle Pharmabiz has grown to become South Asia’s No. 1 Pharma news weekly. In fact, Chronicle Pharmabiz has undergone a metamorphosis – in to a group called Saffron Media. This media group produces a no. of mags to serve different industries like the food and beverage industry. Saffron Media is a forward looking media group with presence in print and the online world.

Chronicle Pharmabiz like The Times of India, plays a key role in shaping important events related to the Pharma industry. For instance, Chronicle Pharmabiz has in the recent past played a lead role in helping organize the Indian Pharmaceutical Congress, and in the latest 59th Indian Pharmaceutical Congress that is currently underway at Varanasi, the official media partner is Chronicle Pharmabiz.

The Chronicle Pharmabiz team is friendly, professional, collaborative, and communicative. Their write-ups strike a balance between academia, and the commercial side of the Pharma sector. In fact, this is their cachet. Chronicle Pharmabiz presents readers with insights on the Pharma sector from the academic angle, and from the practical ground level of the industry. The Chronicle Pharmabiz editorials are bold and unprejudiced. Their articles show that the Chronicle Pharmabiz team is interested in publishing courageous, forward looking, and original insights.


All media are extensions of some human faculty – psychic or physical

This blogpost is dedicated to CHRONICLE PHARMABIZ and I personally wish the media group all the very best in its future endeavors. I TAKE THIS OCCASION TO WISH YOU ALL A HAPPY CHRISTMAS 2007. As always, I invite you all to take time and scroll down to read all other blogposts including by clicking on "older posts". Thanks.

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