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CLINICAL PHARMACY AND PHARMA MARKETING collaboration – an emerging dimension This url gives you access to the article and above image. It is a good URL. Please click and read below too...

The hottest topic in Pharmacy now is clinical pharmacy (and the associated term -pharmacy practice). In fact, clinical pharmacy is becoming an important link in the chain to deliver quality healthcare. Coming in the backdrop of Vioxx and the Avandia controversies, the clinical pharmacist is becoming an increasingly powerful entity in influencing the consumption of drugs. The clinical pharmacist not only helps in research of drugs (ie. preclinical and clinical trial stage) but also plays a lead role in optimizing the use of marketed medications to ensure the right blend of safety and efficacy. In India, as corporatization of hospitals gathers momentum, clinical pharmacy too is gaining steam.

Clinical pharmacy in drug development

As costs of drug development soar and the risks associated with new drug development increase, optimizing the use of new-to-the-market drugs is very important so as to avoid improper clinical usage and hence adverse effects. In fact, higher incidence of adverse effects can ring alarm bells resulting in product withdrawal at the worst. Clinical pharmacists would play a lead role in rationalizing the direction of flow of clinical trial studies based on the initial leads of clinical research.

Eg. of how the clinical pharmacist and pharma marketer can collaborate in product marketing of Gardasil

The launch of Gardasil cervical vaccine by Merck is an important development in medicine. The HPV (human papilloma virus) opportunity has been successfully tapped by Merck through their quadrivalent vaccine. In fact, vaccines are the futuristic market and biogenerics are expected to dominate the future pharma markets. However, success of any good Pharma product depends on patient compliance. It is not easy to convince patients on the potential benefits of preventive healthcare products like vaccines. Patient compliance is easily higher for curative medicines. However, one approach is collaborating with clinical pharmacists in helping educate potential patients for Gardasil. Pharma marketers need to take cognizance of the fact that physician centric marketing communication needs to be augmented to address patients and other healthcare professionals like the clinical pharmacists.

Eg., of clinical pharmacy and consumption of CAM (complementary and alternative products)

Clinical pharmacists would play a lead role in influencing the consumption of CAM products including Ayurvedic products. When clinical pharmacists are armed with sophisticated presentation techniques like use of computers etc on CAM products, potential patients will trust the clinical pharmacist in helping achieve health goals.

Role of clinical pharmacist in educating and enhancing usage of revolutionary dosage forms such as Exubera

Exubera is an interesting case study. The product was taken off market not for any negative adverse risk profile, but for the fact that adoption rates for this product were poor and making the product commercially unviable. The clinical pharmacist has an important task of aiding patient compliance by making the prescription of the doctor, patient-friendly; this is a critical step that can enhance the confidence of the patient in adopting the product prescribed. For instance, if the clinical pharmacist was intimately involved in explaining the pros and cons of inhaled insulin, and educating the patient on using the Exubera device, may be the sales picture would have been rosier for Exubera.

The clinical pharmacist in case of specialty care

The pharmacist (community and hospital) in his role as a clinical pharmacist is becoming all the more important in educating patients on use of medications. This becomes all the more vital in case of vaccines and pediatric care. In specialty sections like oncocare, nephrocare, management of diabetes and diabetic complications, dermacare, plastic surgery, critical and trauma care, cardiac care … patient compliance and right usage of medications makes a world of difference in health outcomes, quality of life, and life expectancy.

As the clinical pharmacy profession gathers steam, the clinical pharmacist is fast becoming an important opinion builder (for healthcare products) who has the influence to educate patients. The acceptance of the clinical pharmacist is fast increasing in healthcare setups, since right usage of medications can make the difference, any wrong usage can lead to negative health outcomes resulting in bad publicity for the product, and negative image for the Pharma company.

Indian mass market: is semi urban and rural

Indian mass markets are semi urban and rural, where drug and health illiteracy compounds the problems of improper consumption of medications. It is here that clinical pharmacy inputs that can strengthen rational use of medications and thereby influence consumptions of medications.

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The internet and telecalling will strengthen clinical pharmacy

The growth of internet and telephone based consultation will strengthen clinical pharma practice and thereby influence the consumption of drugs and supplements. It is here that pharma marketers need to collaborate and strengthen rational and increased consumption of specific brands.

Pharma marketers: Go ahead and collaborate with Clinical Pharmacists!!

The buzz of clinical pharmacy is on – it is a major trend; aided by information technology developments, this entity in the healthcare system is gathering importance. It is prudent to collaborate with clinical pharmacists at all stages of drug development and marketing. In Phase 3 clinical studies, data gathered will help optimize the product positioning and indications, phase 4 clinical studies will yield good data on safety and efficacy resulting in better inputs for product positioning and product communication activities that can make a great difference in business results. Collaborating with clinical pharmacists in post prescription activities will ensure right usage, adverse report data gathering, and patient compliance. This will ultimately impact pharma product consumption – increasing the consumption is after all the core of marketing.


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Wow, It is very helpful to everyone. Now-a-days this is very hottest topic in pharmacy. Thanks for sharing nice information. Awesome post.

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Dear Sunil,
I am planning for marketing Cadiac & Diabetic formulations range. Could you sugggest some thing to keep in mind.
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Anand said...

Dear Sunil,
I am planning for marketing Cadiac & Diabetic formulations range. Could you sugggest some thing to keep in mind.
reply me @

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