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The above is the google moble phone that can play a vital role in rewriting the delivery of healthcare. Read below...

The goal of every business activity is to enhance relationships with existing customers and get new customers. This is a well known fact. To strengthen such an approach, companies normally expand and augment their product and service offerings and thus strengthen customer base.

The concept of end-to-end healthcare solutions

It is important to ask oneself some questions such as which industry are we in? Are we in manufacturing of pharmaceuticals or in the business of offering healthcare solutions? Remember the classic case study where the railroad industry forgot it was in the transportation business rather than in the railway line business. Today, a better opportunity for business is available if a pharma company defines itself as a healthcare solution provider rather than a mere supplier of pharma active substances.

For eg. Wockhardt has a practical and sagacious approach of being a company offering augmented products and services. Their presence in the hospital segment and pharma active ingredient manufacturing business has helped create an ecosystem to offer end-to-end solutions.

Can Google Health help offer better end-to-end solutions?

One of the greatest possibilities will be the offerings from Google Health that can revolutionize healthcare in both advanced countries and emerging markets.

a) Let us imagine Google Health partners with healthcare providers, clinics, and hospitals to offer digital medical records storage. This means if I am a regular out-patient of Wockhardt Hospital for my diabetes management, my medical records, including diagnoses, images, and prescriptions will be stored through the hospital at Google Health. Using my password I can access my entire life’s medical records at the press of the button and use it for second opinions etc. If my e-mail messages can be stored in sites such as G mail then why can’t my medical and health records be stored in secure sites of Google Health?
b) The dawn of a facilitative Google Health medical and health record storage offering can lead to a new field called Google Health Analytics. This refers to a field which works on anonymous medical and health records data mining. Imagine what a great contribution to humanity. On the internet one can analyze health issues and cull important medical facts on the disease patterns and researchers can gain insights from a huge repository of case studies for betterment of human health. Of course, certain security issues are there that need to be worked out.

Biocon and end-to-end solutions

Biocon has an unique approach in marketing its insulin based products for diabeticians where it is partnering with the healthcare providers in the diabetes management ecosystem and offering its products at the right place and the right price.

Integrated approach to healthcare will get a boost

If Google Health plays a pivotal role in organizing human medical and health knowledge on the internet, the plethora of studies, clinical information and case studies will lead to the collapse of silos such as ayurveda, siddha, Tibetan medicine, Chinese Traditional Medicine etc. An integrated healthcare approach will evolve that will deliver better value to patients.

Google, end-to-end healthcare solutions and the most persuasive technology on earth

The most persuasive technology is the mobile phone. Please click here for more on this: CLICK HERE. Google with its mobile phone can create a new era of healthcare through its solutions.

For eg. I receive a message through Google Health and the Google phone from my physician that my appointment is due today. The sms will be sent in my doctor’s name and a Pharma brand will be its sponsor.

When I open my medical records, ads relevant to me would open up.

Google can also sms me messages that encourage desirable behaviors such as quitting smoking and anger management that will improve my health status.


To summarize in the above citizen marketing activism, we observe that Google Health has the wherewithal to organize a grand new era of healthcare just as it has contributed to a grand era of the information age. Pharma companies should believe that there are in the business of providing healthcare solutions to patient’s problems rather than in manufacturing and marketing active ingredients. This end-to-end solutions approach for healthcare will help provide impetus to revenue flow of pharma companies. And in the Indian context, one sees Wockhardt well placed to achieve this. Himalaya too can create an end-to-end healthcare solution approach in the herbal wholistic field.


Sunil S Chiplunkar said...


Hello Sir,

How r u..i'm fine in delhi, went through the blog and i really liked the concept of google health which will ease the patient as well as the doctor but yes security reasons are an important issue for this concept as hacking is on heights..One thing which can be done for security is providing gene cards instead of the passwords directly..These gene cards will be like ATM cards and there is less chances of hacking, one thing will be required that is careful handling of the card...and since each person's genome is different ,the cards will also be unique...I just thought of it while going through the blog so felt like sharing it with you.

Also the pharma companies as healthcare solution provider is good idealogy..enjoyed reading the blog sir, will read it more on weekends..

take care
Pooja Malik.

Sunil S Chiplunkar said...


What a fantastic googly on google health care. I am sure that there would be many beneficiaries from your ideas. Congrats! Keep it up

Regarding ideas I came across a fantastic post at Seth Godin's blog:

Padmanabhan wrote me a nice note today, asking why I so freely give away ideas. (It was nice because he thought some of the ideas were actually good ones).

I responded that ideas are easy, doing stuff is hard.

My feeling is that the more often you create and share ideas, the better you get at it. The process of manipulating and ultimately spreading ideas improves both the quality and the quantity of what you create, at least it does for me.

History is littered with inventors who had "great" ideas but kept them quiet and then poorly executed them. And history is lit up with do-ers who took ideas that were floating around in the ether and actually made something happen. In fact, just about every successful venture is based on an unoriginal idea, beautifully executed.

So, if you've got ideas, let them go. They're probably holding you back from the hard work of actually executing

The URL is here:

aegis said...

Good info! healthcare industry has been grooming with exponential growth and software solution providers are becoming more innovative to come up with healthcare solutions and healthcare software product.

Sunil S Chiplunkar said...

True, furthermore, the mobile telephony will revolutionize healthcare...