Wednesday, August 15, 2007

JAI HIND: today is 60th anniversary of Indian Independence

Today is the sixtieth anniversary of Indian Independence. It was a historic and unique struggle for gaining Independence from British colonial rulers. Mahatma Gandhiji helped inspire a freedom struggle based on the principles of non-violence and non-co-operation with the British.

Today, although there are a lot of pluses for us in India, there are a lot of minuses too. Perhaps we have carried on the non-co-operation bit too far – even after gaining Independence we are not co-operating with each other for the progress of our country! Nepotism and corruption are bhai-bhai with India! Gandhiji probably is still saying Hey Ram! at the state of India from the heavens.

On the healthcare front, India is promising to make history. This is thanks to India’s talent pool, and the fortitude of the post reform generation (a new Indian spirit was created after June1991 when the balance of payment crisis authored the economic reforms). The foreign exchange crisis of June 1991 was a blessing in disguise as it gave way to market reforms and a new Indian spirit was born. The license-permit-quota raj went to hell. Please also see: This new Indian spirit and the post – 1991 generation is giving rise to a new India. This generation has also helped India rise in the BPO-IT-ITES revolution. Now the great Indian spirit is on the anvil of writing a KPO success story too.

It is mainly USA and then Europe that has helped India in this new resurgence through mutually beneficial commercial ties. On behalf of all Indians I thank all world citizens for co-operating with the growth of India. In this era of collaborations and a wikiworld, we need to strengthen the bonds further for mutual progress. Long live Indo- US friendship and global goodwill.

India is continuing its journey of strengthening healthcare:

India will contribute the world through indigenous systems of medicine, medi-tourism, KPO activities in the healthcare space, high quality and cheap generics, medical transcription, nursing and other professionals, and a new collaborative Indian R & D in pharmaceuticals and healthcare. Everyone in the world are having a CHINDIA (China and India) strategy. There is immense potential for Indo-US collaboration in the healthcare sphere. 80% of the Indian healthcare needs are met through private resources.

We are one with the world, we love the world, and the world loves us. JAI HIND.

This blogpost is done from the nearby cybercentre. Today is 15th AUG 2007 and the time of putting up the blogpost is 7.55 pm. (I have certain mixed emotions may be I will reveal them later on another blogpost.) Please read all other blogposts too.

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